Paul Goldstein : Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Nobody hurts my children!

Brave mother cheetah protects her cubs from prowling leopard. Paul Goldstein was guiding last month when he spotted the stand-off when a leopard took an interest in the family. Paul said: 'Recently, in the heart of Kenya's Mara North Conservancy, I saw something I can still scarcely believe.'

Daily Mail: 10th November 2016

Kenya photography tour with Exodus: review

Flaming red dawns and cloud-streaked stormy skies make Kenya's Maasai Mara the perfect canvas for a wildlife photographer.

The Telegraph: 8th September 2016

In search of Bengal tigers on safari in India.

Park closures and red tape have made Bengal tiger safaris controversial in the past few years. We join wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein on a safari to Maharashtra's Tadoba National Park.

BT Travel: 8th July 2016

Why smartphones are the bane of travel.

Paul Goldstein lets loose on how smartphones are impacting the travel experience.

"I don't own a smart phone, I can text and make phone calls. We did survive a long time without the need to send poor images of one's breakfast or smug postings of the departure lounge at Terminal Five."

Wanderlust: 15th June 2016

Paul Goldstein gets over-exposed:

Tips for the budding wildlife photographer.

Bob Books: 10th May 2016

He's earned his stripes!

Runner who completed 13 marathons, trained in India AND climbed Kilimanjaro with a 10-foot tiger on his back will compete in final race this weekend.

The Daily Mail: 21st April 2016

Meet Paul Goldstein, the marathon man crippled by the tiger on his back.

"But I never fall in love with these creatures - because falling in love with them won't save them. I leave the crocodile tears for the D-list celebrities."

The Telegraph: 20th April 2016

London Marathon's 'tiger man' earns his stripes for big cat conservation.

Paul Goldstein is easy to spot at marathons across the world thanks to the 12kg Bengal Tiger suit strapped to his back. Now he's running the London Marathon to add to the £150,000 he's raised towards the conservation of these mighty beasts. 19th April 2016

Dawn to Dusk

Latest edition of Travel Africa has a beautiful article on 'Mara Magic' Pages 42 - 51.

Travel Africa: April-June 2016

Ouch! How did that get there?

Lioness licks its wounds after somehow getting porcupine quills in its rear.

"In this case another lion must have helped as she was seen without them a few days later. This is not a common operation for a lioness to perform and would need some practice - sharp practice."

MailOnline: 8th March 2016

It's a hippo... hop it!

Cheetahs flee for their lives when furious hippopotamus decides they're too close to its watering hole.

"Finding hippos out of the water is quite rare, finding them confronting cheetahs is virtually unheard of. But this was exactly what happened in the Masai Mara recently in the Olare Conservancy,"

MailOnline: 26th January 2016

Learning the art of wildlife photography in the Maasai Mara

A Kenya safari offers a chance to see wildlife, but learning how to photograph it adds a new perspective.

"This is not about a dull accumulation of species, or about going out after breakfast from some characterless, ethically derelict mainstream lodge and chalking off a few sleeping cats."

Irish Independent: 13th January 2016