Paul Goldstein : Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Learning the art of wildlife photography in the Maasai Mara

A Kenya safari offers a chance to see wildlife, but learning how to photograph it adds a new perspective.

"Paul is not a man you want to disappoint. He takes a somewhat unorthodox approach to both photography and guiding – think Gordon Ramsay armed with lenses instead of saucepans."

The Independent: 30th November 2015

The lion left stranded by floods...

Incredible rainfalls, in the Masai Mara, leave the usually sun-baked nature reserve under water - and puzzle the wildlife.

MailOnline: 2nd November 2015

He's a lover, not a fighter!

Male jaguar may look like he's about to attack his female mate... but it's really just a romantic gesture.

MailOnline: 18th October 2015

Shooting the Masai Mara

After a busy morning watching the migration on the Masai Mara, Phil Hall spoke to wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein for tips on getting the best out of a safari.

Amateur Photographer: 12th October 2015

World Rhino Day: 22nd September 2015.

In a heartfelt message to coincide with World Rhino Day, Paul offers his views on rhino poaching.

"Currently rhino horn is worth more than gold and until poaching is stopped more and more species will die out"

"Watching rhino in the wild on a game drive is an addictive narcotic far more effective than their powdered horn used to supplement sex drive."

The Telegraph: 22nd September 2015

Shooting Big Game

Alex Dudok de Wit's take on being taught how to take the perfect picture in the Maasai Mara.

"Goldstein is a charmer as well as a martinet."

"I still got told off, not least for my posture - 'You look like an old man having a w**k,' I was told on one occasion - but as my technique improved, his tone softened."

CITYA.M: 21st September 2015

Paul, on the other hand, has lightning speed synapses that snap into action faster than Usain Bolt off the starting block

"If there's a decent shot to be had, there's a chance he's already taken it. It's why so many people are eager to sign up to his bootcamp-style photography holidays, which he commands with the unrelenting vigour of an army general, demanding - and achieving - results."

The Evening Standard: 8th September 2015

World Elephant Day: 12th August 2015

In a heartfelt message to coincide with World Elephant Day, guide and photographer Paul Goldstein offers his views on elephant poaching.

The Telegraph: 12th August 2015

World Lion Day: 11th August 2015

In honour of World Lion Day today, photographer and predator expert Paul Goldstein has selected some of his favourite images of the endangered animals.

The Guardian: 11th August 2015

World Lion Day: 11th August 2015

Stunning images celebrating the King of the Jungle

Paul Goldstein's, a lioness relaxes under a rainbow

The Telegraph: 11th August 2015

Pictures of the day: 7 July 2015

Two Maasai observe the Milky Way on the Masai Mara in Kenya.

The Telegraph: 7th July 2015

World Oceans Day

Stunning Images show beauty of the waters and creatures of our natural world. The supply of life which comes from the world's oceans cannot be overstated, according to the U.N.

The Mirror: 8th June 2015

On photo safari in Kenya

Expert advice from an award-winning photographer and guide - now there's no excuse for not coming back with the perfect shot.

Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Pictures of the Day: 20 May 2015

A cheeky langur monkey sticks its tongue out in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India.

The Telegraph: 20th May 2015

The Week in Wildlife in Pictures

A Picture Gallery.

The Guardian: 15th May 2015

The secret life of penguins revealed for World Penguin Day.

To celebrate World Penguin Day, citizen science project Penguin Watch will release 500,000 new images of penguins and reveal secrets from a year of spying on penguins.

The Telegraph: 25th April 2015

World Penguin Day

21 Reasons Penguins are the best animals in the world? 25th April is World Penguin Day, and we want to celebrate all things Penguin!

Daily Record: 24th April 2015

Mothers in the Wild

A Pictute Gallery.

The Sunday Express: 15th March 2015

Baby animals snuggle up to their mothers in the wild in touching photos from around the world that will melt even the hardest heart.

From lions and tigers, to penguins and giraffes, every baby needs its mother.

The Daily Mail: 13th March 2015

International Polar Bear Day celebrated with wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein

Wimbledon-based Paul, who guides for Exodus, explains: Polar bears are in danger of becoming an anachronism, a fading apex predator that suffers more and more as the sea ice melts earlier each year.

The Telegraph: 27th February 2015

International Polar Bear Day - in pictures

Wildlife guide and presenter Paul Goldstein brings together his favourite polar bear photos from Spitsbergen, Norway, to celebrate Ursus maritimus.

The Guardian: 27th February 2015


Incredible images of the Arctic's most majestic predator hunting, playing and cuddling as the world celebrates International Polar Bear Day

MailOnline: 27th February 2015

Eyewitness: Spitsbergen, Norway

A polar bear surveys the scene in Spitsbergen, northern Norway. The wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein has released the image to mark Polar Bear Day, which aims to raise awareness about carbon emissions.

The Guardian: 26th February 2015

An Interview with Wildlife Photographer Paul Goldstein.

Renowned wildlife photographer, presenter and guide Paul Goldstein on cliff-climbing polar bears, charging rhinos and how we can all get better wildlife shots.

The Explorer: 20th January 2015