Paul Goldstein : Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

But mum, you said it was easy!

Lion cubs try to copy their mother's leap across a stream... and end up getting a soaking.

MailOnline: 10th November 2014

Photographer snaps magical photos of playful cheetah cubs.

Paul Goldstein lucked out when he spotted a couple of cheetah families while leading a tour in Kenya's Masai Mara this month.

Stylist: 1st September 2014

Animal photos of the week

A cheetah and her cub bask in the sun in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

The Telegraph: 29th August 2014

Zambia lifts ban on safari hunting to attract tourists

Paul say's 'removing the ban was 'deplorable' as well as 'Cats bring in money from tourism, unfortunately the pernicious desires of a few corrupt greed-heads just steepens the predators descent into oblivion.'

MailOnline: 28th August 2014

Never Forget the Elephant

Paul's plea to care for animals endangered by poachers and habitat loss.

In support of World Elephant Day, 12th August 2014.

MailOnline: 11th August 2014

Selfie for Santa?

Curious young reindeer poses for close-up shot in Norwegian wilderness.

MailOnline: 15th July 2014

Namibia's Savage Beauty.

Endless deserts, rugged mountains and wildlife eking out a living.

MailOnline: 10th June 2014

From Dusk till Dawn

Stunning images of the Masai Mara at sunrise and sunset showcase the beauty of Africa's landscape.
Daily Mail: 29th May 2014

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Three tiny newborn Kenyan lion cubs discovered by photographer roar for the first time.

At only a few days old this litter of little lions are their parents' pride and joy. They are destined to rule the animal kingdom as the most deadly hunters on the African plains.

Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein followed the cubs for a week and said he was "left speechless" by them.

Daily Mirror: 14th January 2014

The Telegraph - Pictures of the day: 14th January 2014

Stuck in the ice in Antarctica... Who ya gonna call? Paul Goldstein!

Exodus Polar expert Paul Goldstein talks to the BBC about the Antarctic expedition rescue...

BBC News: 2nd January 2014

Rainbow-chasing photographer captures spectacular shot of Giraffe rather than a pot of gold.

Paul Goldstein has captured a series of stunning rainbow images in his role as a guide for Exodus travels - he says he loves it when the weather turns bad.

Daily Mirror: 2nd January 2014