Paul Goldstein : Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Seal of approval: The incredible wildlife of South Georgia

The island of South Georgia, 1551km east of the Falkland Islands, is home to six million penguins and countless seals and seabirds. Last month British photographer Paul Goldstein visited this British overseas territory and shot some truly spectacular images of what he calls a 'wildlife nirvana'.

Yahoo News: 19th December 2013

In pictures: Paul Goldstein's cutest images from his Masai Mara safaris.

WILDLIFE photographer Paul Goldstein meets all creatures great and small on his regular trips as a safari guide to the Masai Mara.

Daily Record: 27 November 2013

Wildlife in the Masai Mara, photographed by Paul Goldstein

Earth Picture Galleries: Wimbledon-based Exodus travel guide Paul Goldstein takes regular trips as a safari guide to the Masai Mara.

Daily Telegraph: November 2013

He's got the hump!

Locals' surprise as 11ft 'hunch-back' alligator is spotted lurking in Brazilian swamp.

Daily Mail: 12 October 2013

© REX/Theo Halkusis

Snapping at the snapper!

Photographer narrowly escapes caiman's jaws as it is being rescued tail-first from swimming pool.

Daily Mail: 26 September 2013

Eye don't believe it!

Photographer manages to catch the split-second moment he gets winked at by SIX animals.

Daily Mail: 30 August 2013

Is that a downward facing dog?

No, it's a polar bear caught doing yoga poses that I photographed excercising in Spitsbergen.

Daily Telegraph Pictures of the Day: 9 August 2013

Tourists witness glacier slab crack and plunge into sea

A hulking chunk of the Monaco Glacier in Spitsbergen, Norway, splits and crashes into the sea as 24 tourists watch from less than a third of a mile away.

New York Daily News: 31 July 2013
Daily Telegraph Pictures of the Day: 29 July 2013

The Week in Wildlife - In Pictures.

A family of cheetah taking a drink in the Masai Mara, Kenya

The Guardian: 7th June 2013

That's one way to feed the family!

Finding a meal big enough to feed a pack of hungry lions and their cubs is usually a difficult task.
But there were no empty stomachs among this pride in Kenya's Masai Mara after they managed to hunt down an adult male giraffe.

Daily Mail: 1 May 2013

BBC's Africa Series

Four years in the making, vaults of license-payer's money, filmed from a place there isn't even a direct flight to (thanks Air Namibia for cancelling that route three years ago), this had better be good.

Wanderlust Travel Magazine: 4 January 2013
Wanderlust Travel Magazine: 17 January 2013