Paul Goldstein : Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Who says cheetahs never prosper?

A group of the young predators bring down a wildebeest in deadly display of teamwork.

The Daily Mail: 14 September 2017

Rwanda doubles it's fee for gorilla trekking

Adventure guide says the price increase is unjustifiable and that Uganda will benefit.

Independent: 11th May 2017

Mum, not in front of the cameras

Amateur snappers flock to Paul Goldstein's photography safaris. Could he help Sarah Marshall get the perfect shot?

The Sunday Times: 9th April 2017


Paul condemns inadequate international efforts to protect tigers, rhinos and other wildlife, and calls for tougher measures.

Wanderlust: 13th March 2017


Adorable lion cub gets a loving slobbering from lionesses in its pride in Kenya

Daily Mail: 26th January 2017

The Telegraph: 26th January 2017

The Mirror: 26th January 2017

The Sun: 26th January 2017