Paul Goldstein : Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Worth More Alive

Paul Goldstein - Fund Raiser

The plight of the Bengal tiger is not over, and so Paul's fight continues. As many of you may know, Exodus and Paul have been campaigning for years to help fight the risk of extinction of these striped feline predators.

Due to poachers, who believe that the tiger can provide remedies as 'tradition medicine', for lacking libidos, strength or luck - means that the act of poaching is rampant. The human-tiger conflict is rife and despite their desperately low numbers and concerted efforts to protect them, they are still suffering.

Details of Worth More Alive V can be found here.

Tigers need Tourism

Paul's aim is to provide thousands of pounds to Friends of Conservation. This money will ultimately be used to service Bandhavgarh Park, helping local communities and ensuring that poaching is restricted. Thus helping to preserve the ever decreasing numbers of Tigers in India.

After four years of campaigning, Paul and Exodus have raised over £80,000 for this just cause. It's an incredible achievement and only one we could have reached with all your support and donations.

Paul Goldstein - Fund Raiser

But, as Paul says, is it ever enough? The simple answer is 'No'. And that is why we continue...

Other Works

In the past we have built schools and natal clinics as well as a host of things via Kicheche in the Mara. When I started Kicheche with my partner Greg we were always concerned about our staff and neighbour's welfare. Our charity work is an ongoing campaign, but I am very happy to be working with S.A.F.E. to try to help with the abomination that is FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). This is a complex issue but for me with complete moral clarity, it is wrong, plain and simple but incredibly hard to do anything about but S.A.F.E. have had success elsewhere and I am delighted to be working with them.